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Hello, and welcome. This site has to do with life, and exactly how it is a game. Some would certainly state a struggle while others would claim a video game. We claim a game.

One of our preferred things is the mind, the human brain, and all points having to do with thought as well as activities that emerge from the brain. A great deal of development has been made in the research of mind and also how it is had an effect on by encounter and also childhood. The mind is an exciting research study and also rather amusing too when you stop to realize that people researching the human brain are utilizing a brain to study it.

We would like to discuss about numerous points here but primarily concerning new ideas and great ideas for succeeding the life game. Some concepts will certainly relate to physical body. Others with thoughts and spirit. Don’t fret, we always keep it on the light side here as well as aren’t worried or excessively concerned about attempting to tell anybody exactly what they must do.


Here is a quick video showing some amusing things about the brain…

One of the most interesting studies is of those who have made radical changes in their thinking to the point that their lives were sent out in a new and different direction.

So, when comparing the use of the mind to the game of life, there have been some giants of forward thinking. Many of whom used there intuition and observation to uncover some of the most powerful points of human development, especially in the areas of learning, money creating, and athletic achievement. One of our favorites is Napoleon Hill, the author who wrote “Think & Grow Rich”. In the book, Mr. Hill speaks of holding and idea in your mind in a certain way, it then becomes the minds task for figure out ways for this idea to come into reality. It comes highly recommended not just for making money, but for any other worthy cause you might have use for. It can be found in bookstores and online. If you like a hard copy you can buy it on amazon in either book or Kindle form. Or if you just want to read it online, you can read it here for free!

Along with things of mind, we will probably talk about things of body such as better ways to become fit and healthy which of course involves exercise and good eating habits.  It is difficult to play the game of life if you don’t feel up to it in your body. Otherwise having the strength and energy to go the extra mile is a big plus in today’s society. There are many demands made on the body and one must be ready when those extra hours are needed to get a job done or just to give maximum effort when necessary. Sometimes it’s fun to develop an area of physical expertise such as jumping higher or running faster than ever before. This adds to life and makes the game more of a pleasure.

So all-in-all, bookmark this site and come by from time to time, or you can subscribe too if you like. We’ll keep the light on for you.


PS, I just learned one of my peers has created a program on retaining your brain to think like a millionaire. There’s a review of it.

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