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Hey there! I'm Aimee Locke. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area and continuously worke in the Information Technology industry. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge with in multiple areas of I.T., infrastructure products and services, cloud technologies, project management, and solution architecture. I received my training through education and hard knocks which has led to working in the consulting industry. The constant learning and improvement of both soft and technical skills over the course of each project is my secret of happy life. Contact me: mail@ugamesale.com

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    The modern market offers a great variety of memory and focus enhancers but not all of them are effective and suitable individually for you. Today we are going to review one of such products. It is called Excelerol and it has a lower than medium star rating. Excelerol is said to be a multivitamin nootropic that promises to improve the main brain's functions, such as memory, concentration, alertness, and focus. Does the product really work? What benefits does it offer in comparison to other products of the kind?

    The supplement has a higher price tag and a poor official website. The latter cannot boast neither its perfect design nor abundant information it offers. As the dosage recommendations vary too much, it is quite difficult to work out monthly cost of the product. The manufacturer gives the right to the user to find the best dose for them on their own. Excelerol is manufactured in the USA. The website does not give a detailed address of an enterprise.

    Does It Have Any Side Effects?

    The manufacturer has not mentioned a word about possible side effects or adverse reactions of Excelerol, but, fortunately, the true users have shared their experience of using the product online. Later we will have a look at some of their reviews. Excelerol cannot solve cognitive problems completely and even carry potential dangers. This stack contains many stimulant components, loaded with caffeine. So, it is highly recommended to avoid taking the product without food.

    While taking Excelerol, do not consume caffeine-containing beverages, like tea or coffee. Drink plenty of water, as this product can cause dehydration. Panax Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea may increase the stimulant effects of caffeine. Consult your doctor or medical professional before taking this supplement. On the bottle label it is stated that you should take Excelerol up to 3 times a day, but avoid taking it before going to bed, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. Product reviews are mixed. Here are some of the client testimonials.

    "I can say Excelerol is not an all-natural supplement. To ensure, look at the ingredient list. I have suffered from terrible jitters after using the product. Nothing could help. I would not recommend it to anyone"

    "I took one capsule of excelerol with breakfast and two glasses of water, but still I could not get rid of the jitters. I felt very nervous and it was harder for me to concentrate. So, I had an opposite effect"

    "I wasn't very interested in Excelerol but my friend assured me to try it. I did not find specifics on how much Holy Basil is contained in the product. The same about Rhodiola. I took it in the morning but I didn't get much more energy than from a usual energy drink"